All scientific notation pictures begin with @E (or @e).


Determines the total number of characters in the format provided by the picture.


Specifies the decimal separation character, and the grouping character when the n value is greater than 3.

. (period)

period and comma

.. (period period)

period and period

' (grave accent)

comma and period

_.(underscore period)

period and space


Indicates the number of digits that appear to the left of the decimal point.


Specifies that the format displays as blank when the value is zero.

The scientific notation picture formats very large or very small numbers. The format is a decimal number raised by a power of ten. These pictures are intended to be used as display only, not intended for editing.


Picture         Value           Result

@E9.0       1,967,865          .20E+007

@E12.1      1,967,865       1.9679E+006

@E12.1B             0

@E12.1     -1,967,865      -1.9679E+006

@E12.1     .000000032       3.2000E-008

@E15_.4     1,967,865    1 967.865E+003